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Wood Pellets • Your Energy Efficient Heat

Zimmerman Mulch realizes that there is a vast variety of ways to heat your home, many of which are not very efficient which in turn costs you more money. We are committed to helping you heat your home efficiently, with a low emission rate, and still save you money in the end. Here are a number of reasons that our pellets some of the best. 
It take quality control and experience to make Premium Wood Pellets 
Lignetics was one of the leading pioneers in premium wood pellet market. Their wood pellets are made from all natural recycled sawmill waste. Since they are all natural and manufactured with the highest quality control levels, these pellets are rated as premium wood pellets. Lignetics wood pellets have a high BTU output that burns consistently producing less than 1% ash. This creates a hotter more efficient burn, benefiting you by burning less pellets, allowing you to purchase less pellets, resulting in less pellet storage needed, with less trips to the wood stove, and less ashes to haul out. 
When using Lignetics premium wood pellets the emission rate is far below the EPA standard of 7.5 grams/hour. Our wood pellets have an emission rate of 1.2 grams/hour making it one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. 
It takes premium raw material to create premium wood pellets 
People create wood pellets from a wide variety of wood species resulting in a wide spread of quality. We start our wood pellet process with high quality raw material. In the west we use only the finest conifer sawdust to make wood pellets. In the East we our wood pellets are made only from high quality hardwood sawdust. 
Lignetics Pellets are created in USA for use in USA 
While being one of the best source of heating, Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets are also helping to keep the United States economy going. They use renewable, recycled material produced in United States that would normally be sent to landfills, to create wood pellets made in United States. Lignetics renewable heating source benefits many American based companies. The material is recycled, collected, and produced as wood pellets, then it is transported and sold to American homes that use American made wood pellet stoves. Lignetics wood pellets are a win-win type of heat for the USA economy. 
Lignetics Wood Pellets price comparison 
Unlike fossil fuels which come from a few countries which can control the price, wood pellets are made from local company’s waste wood resources. Oil and gas prices can easily fluctuate due to political issues and supply demands. Since wood pellets are made from local company’s wood wastes they are cheaper to acquire and cheaper to transport. Resulting in less transportation emissions while supporting the local economy and keeping the wood prices low. The price of wood pellets isn’t affected by a shortage of product. In the last 10 years the price of wood pellets has basically stayed the same. See the graph to compare wood pellets to other heating sources. To figure out what the yearly costs would be to heat with wood pellets, the typical home uses around 3 tons per year depending on their lifestyle and size of home. 
Wood pellets are one of the best ways to heat your home. Contact Zimmerman Mulch today or stop by to pick up your supply for the winter.