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FAQ & Resource Center - Soil FAQ's

If you have a typical 8 foot bed you may be able to haul one yard if the weather has been dry. If the soil is saturated, it will be much heaver. ( A typical six foot bed will hold ½ yard if dry.) We recommend you fill your tires to maximum rated capacity before coming for soils or stones.

One yard weighs 1200-1300 pounds when dry. The water content in soils can make the soil much heavier. One cubic foot of soil (1½ five gallon buckets) can weigh over a hundred pounds. This has to be taken into consideration when transporting soil.

If you have bare spots, rake these spots to loosen the soil. Sow grass seed generously. Sprinkle “garden mix” or “turf grow” soil over top the seed. Cover the seeded areas with straw. Water the area enough to moisten area, but do not over saturate the area. If you need to seed the whole lawn, rake to loosen soil. Sow the grass seed generously. We recommend you roll the seeded soil with a water filled or solid seed roller to cause seed to contact dirt. Cover the area with straw. Water enough to moisten, but do not over saturate.

We offer a wide variety of soils. The more finely graded and higher quality soils cost more while the soils sold as they come from their origin are more reasonable. If you want to reseed areas in your lawn, buy the soil with higher organic soil and fertilizer value. If you want to fill in low spots or ruts, then a medium grade will work for you. If you need to fill in washed out gullies or larger holes, then the straight run topsoil will work for you.