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Coffee Brown Mulch

Coffee brown mulch • Myerstown, PA

Our Coffee Brown Mulch is a double ground mulch made from fresh hardwood. Brown dye is then added to give it its beautiful color. This mulch contains very little pallet wood. This long lasting mulch breaks down slowly.

You can use this mulch around trees, shrubs, and commercial landscapes. Because of its higher wood content, we don't recommend using it around your flowers because the wood can tend to absorb the moisture and nutrients that your smaller plants have a harder time achieving with a smaller root system.

One mulching tip to remember is never to mulch up against the siding of your house. When there is mulch against the siding it makes an easy way for termites and insects to get right into the house or wooden siding. Stay below the siding for sure and even against the block or concrete walls, keep the mulch thinner so the bugs don't find it as easy to enter your home.