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Pond and Water Features

Girls enjoying pond

Every day hard working people return home to rejuvenate themselves from their hectic day by relaxing alongside a soothing, gurgling waterfall. We can help you create a stunning focal point in your garden by adding a waterfall or pond. The fascinating sound of splashing water will enhance any garden and create a relaxing spot for you and your family to unwind! Add your waterscape today and just see what a “wow” statement it makes.

Here at Zimmerman Mulch we are ready to help your waterscape dreams become a reality! The first step is to browse through these pages and pick out the water feature that best fits your budget and property. Then choose, if you would like, to install it yourself or have a contractor install it for you! So Splash in...

Pond or Pondless - What is the difference?

Ponds feature a large area of standing water made possible by installing a large underground rubber liner. A pump circulator keeps the water flowing and fresh through a small waterfall at the side of the pond. You can have fish in the water and enjoy a real pond eco-system right in your own backyard.

Our pondless systems consist of an underground reservoir of water generally under the rocks used to create the cascading water. A pondless water system is smaller and often cheaper to install and less maintenance in the upkeep. It also is safer for homes where there are small children since there is no standing water that a child may fall in to.