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Koi Pond Kit

Kit Diagram: 

The largest of our pond kits is the Koi. Creativity and a genuine pond at its best. It's large pond allows for many ideas. It features a 12 foot stream where the water originates and cascades down through rocks and boulders into a 16’ x 21’ pond. Pond depth is 1-2 feet but can be adjusted per your request.

You can choose to purchase and install the kit yourself or ask us about qualified contractors who can install it for you.

  • Aquascape Biofalls 6000 Biological Filter
  • Aquascape Signature Skimmer for Debris Removal and Pump Housing
  • Aquasurge Variable Pump 4000-8000
  • EPDM Fish Safe Liner and Protective Underlayment
  • All Necessary Pipe, Fittings, and Sealants Needed for Installation
  • River Gravel and Boulders
  • Hudson Auto Fill Kit and Check Valve
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Mulch
  • Your Choice of Aquatic Plants

This pond needs approximately 3800 gallons of water and can accommodate 340 inches of fish.

How it works

Pond Diagram - click to enlarge