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Lilypad Pond Kit

Kit Diagram: 

The Lilypad pond kit is the smallest of our full pond kits and fits nicely in small areas. It features an 8 foot stream where the water originates and cascades down through rocks and boulders into a 6’ x 8’ pond. Pond depth is 1-2 feet but can be adjusted per your request.

You can choose to purchase and install the kit yourself or ask us about qualified contractors who can install it for you.

Kit includes:

  • MicroFalls Biological Filter for Water filtration
  • MicroSkim for Debris Removal and Pump Housing
  • Energy Efficient 3yr Warranty Aquasurge 2000 Pump
  • EPDM Fish Safe Liner and Protective Underlayment
  • All Necessary Pipe, Fittings, and Sealants Needed for Installation
  • River Gravel and Boulders
  • Hudson Auto Fill Kit
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Mulch
  • Your Choice of Aquatic Plants

This pond needs approximately 500 gallons of water and can accommodate 50 inches of fish.

How it works

Pond Diagram - click to enlarge